Partner with Delivery First
Our Goal is to be your local delivery partner. We are not a nameless or faceless organization. We form meaningful & local partnerships.

- Sean Hennessy, President of Delivery First

Interested in learning about partnering? Leave us a note and our team will reach out.

Why become a restaurant partner with Delivery First?
  • Delivery First is a delivery service concentrating 100% on delivery!
  • Delivery First has the goal of making delivery more convenient and cost effective for the restaurant!
  • All of Delivery First drivers are employees, insured and uniformed! NOT INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS!
  • Delivery First charges a flat fee, never a percentage SO YOU ALWAYS KNOW THE COST!
  • With Delivery First, your customers still contact you so your customers remain your own.
  • Delivery First advertises its services and website which will drive more customers to your restaurant.
  • Delivery First drivers are outfitted with proper thermal bags and boxes to keep hot food hot and cold food cold!